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Woodfired Bowl

Cooroy is the venue for the
2012 Ignition Awards

Some Tribute horses at Tweed

Taking history as a starting point my equine vessels and sculptures have multi-surface decorations and expressions that suggest layers of social and political meaning. Layered glazes, such a magnesium crawl glaze, Cobalt oxide and barium based slips, are applied with broad strokes to enhance texture. The surface cracks and crazing convey the difficult journeys of the horse and riders spirit from the past to the present. My work also references feminine connections with horses through the relationship of the shape of vessels/forms and their decorative elements.

The Dragons Back Exhibition

New work by Park Fulton & Fraser

Opened by Lyn Cole at 6.30 23rd March at Tweed River Art Gallery Regional artists Sue Fraser, Ruth Park and Louise Fulton have been influenced by the cultures of Asia and the Middle East, through travel, residencies and ceramic festivals. ...

Waves and Waterways

Surfs Up!

Surfs Up wins packing room prize for the 2012 Art Show ...

SOFA Chicago 2010

My horses got some exposure in America. Maria Kravetz gallery from
Argentina had taken them to Festival Hall, the Navy Pier Chicago.

  • SOFA Chicago 2010 Nov.5th-7th ...

    Northern Style - All Sold

    Clouded Lillies

    Northern Style - a group show ...

    Artisans in the Garden - Almost all sold

    A near sell out exhibition at the Lion Gate Lodge, Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney

    Artisans in the Garden

    My equine sculptures will join the work of 29 other other artists at the Artisans in the Gardens exhibition fund raiser for the Friends of the Garden in Sydney from 7th Oct - 16th Oct. 2011. ...

    Artfelt Art Exhibition and Art Prize

    Rainbow (3rd prize)

    Artfelt images
    Selected Artfelt House Art Prize entries were exhibited in the beautiful Ballina Community Gallery. Unfortunately I was not able to attend the gala presentation night so missed out on all the excitement of the prize giving. ...

    Woollam Waltzing Matild Outback Art Show

    Susanne Fraser The Ones that got away - 1st prize 3D

    Northern Rivers Echo May 26th 2011Woollam Waltzing Matild Outback Art Show 2011 3D Art Prize 1st prize.
    My low fired ceramic vessel took out 1st in the 3D section. It was pleasing to be able to read what is said of your work. Critical feedback is food for though. The judge describing the work as "..Beautifully constructed piece of sculpture ..The empty brown interior may represent the time of drought and waiting to be filled with rain. The calligraphy patterns in the lower section seem like patterns of the rivers courses in flood.....great movement, colour harmony and texture." ...

    Ballina Art and Fine Craft Exhibition

    There will be aGala Opening night for the Waves and Waterways Exhibition of Art and Craft on 14th January from 6-8pm. ...

    Table Manners

    A beautiful exhibition of creative tableware by a group of local artists, designers and stylists. Wonderfull photos of work creatively presented for the delight of the viewer by local designers, stylists and lighting experts. ...

    Border Art Prize Exhibition

    Noble Lady of fire (my entry)

    Works in the 2010 Border Art Prize were exhibited at Tweed River Art Gallery from Friday 3 December 2010 to Sunday 23 January 2011.

    This annual prize celebrates the diversity and abundance of artists in northeast NSW and southeast Queensland. The prize is shared between Tweed River Art Gallery and Gold Coast City Art Gallery and is held at these venues in alternate years. The total prize pool for 2010 was $6,500.
    The Border Art Prize A great opportunity for artists. ...

    Swallowing Clouds

    Collaborative vessel Susanne Fraser & Ruth Park

    Memories are like clouds, moving restlessly between heaven and earth, stimulating imagination and stirring emotion, they live and die, ever shifting, leaving us adrift with fading resemblances... ...

    Loft exhibition

    Collection Grafton Regional Gallery - Luminous Lotus Sue Fraser 2010

    Floor talk Spirited Horses exhibition in The Loft Grafton Regional Gallery ...

    Spirited Horses

    Some of my figurative sculpture in the Loft Gallery can be seen at the Grafton Regional Gallery

    Spirited Horses at Grafton

    I have taken down the Grafton solo show and moved on to a group show with fellow ceramic artists, Ruth Park and Louise Fulton. We are exhibiting together at the Northern Rivers Community Gallery, Ballina. The show will be opened by Ellie Saberi at 2pm on Saturday 4th September. ...

    Australian Ceramics Triennale 09

    Am off to the Ceramics Triennale in Sydneyfor inspiration, motivation and viewing of other ceramic artists work. It will be exciting to see what directions ceramic art is taking and to listen and absorb lots of technical and theoretical information. Having just returned from several weeks in northern China followed by a couple spent at the The Pottery Workshop, Jingdezhen and a return visit to Sanbao,what an exquisite place,so many wonderful ceramic works of art on display, I am inspired. The whole site is a work of art. I will be saturated with clay ideas and ready for even more action in the studio on my return to the beautifull north coast. ...

    Clay Energy Gulgong

    Am off to Gulgong with my friend Lou, car loaded up with lots of warm gear and clay work.

    Ceramics Today

    Noble Lotus eg. of surface treatment Susane Fraser 2009

    My work has been included in a pictorial survey of current ceramic art, including established artists and new talent. This beautiful book includes 120 innovative ceramic artists through 495 striking colour photos of original work from around the globe. It includes installations, sculptures, vases, tableware, triptychs and more. Jeffrey B. Snyder has done a magnificent job producing a reference book for ceramic art collectors, dealers, galleries and artists alike. Continued...

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