2008Bachelor of Visual Arts Sourthern Cross University Lismore NSW.
2003Diploma of Ceramics
1999Ceramics Certificate III
1991/92Worked in Thailand - Equestrian Industries
1990-96Equestrian studies - Equestrian Coach training NCAS Level I
1986Administrative assistance on the publication 'Everyone's an Artist'
1984-90Art in Archaeology, Paleoanthropology, Australian Archaeology, South East Asian History, Sociology and Australian Aboriginal Studies - University of New England Armidale NSW
1983-87Community Arts Assistant trainee, Worked on Festival of the Villages (Red Scheme)
1980-82Lived in Bangladesh - supervised childrens' coresspondence lessions and travelled extensively in India.
1975-80Spinner/Weaver/Vegetable Dyeing. Demonstrated at various open days, Craft Shows and Special functions.


2010 Ceramics Today, Jeffrey B. Snyder, Editor. (ISBN: 9780764334658), p.66

2009Craft Arts International Vol. 76
Portfolio p.118
2009Ceramic Art & Perception, Vol. 76 pp. 76-77. ?Guardians of Empress Wu? written by Louise Fulton.

Artist Residency/Tours

2005 Sanbao Ceramic Art Institute, Jingdezhen, China

2009Pottery Workshop Jingdezhen China & research trip to Xian & Xining.
2010International Ceramic Artist Exhibition & Workshop Gangjin, South Korea
August 7-20,

Artists studies

ART FAIRS 2013 Amsterdam Art Fair with Retrospect Planet Byron Bay 2013 Brussels & Milan Affordable Art Fair with Retrospect Planet Byron Bay 2012 Stockholm Art Fair with Retrospect Planet Byron Bay ARTIST RESIDENCY 2019 Support Artist with Masakazu Kusakabe Aug 29th –Sept 20th 2019 Invitation – Lincang International Woodfire Camp. SW China 2nd Nov – 10th Nov 2015 Shigaraki Cultural Park – Japan Artist Residency 1st Sept – 28th Sept