Goondiwindi Gallery - Resting Place of the Birds

    My work is strongly influenced by women horses and and my own equestrian experiences
Taking history as a starting point and inspired by a love of horses, I hand build, coiling and modelling adding decorative elements to engage with the story of each work. I am strongly influenced by the symbolic decorative vocabulary found in the art of China and social and cultural stories of the T’ang Dynasty; a period of time when a woman ruled over The Middle Kingdom.
Throughout history in the art of many cultures the horse has been used as an agent for areas of human experience in 2 and 3D art. I make ‘thin horses’, fat horses, ‘tribute’ horses, carousel themed work, ponies, vessels and sculptures..…Horses elevate, transport and provide a sense of freedom. They are desired by many for their strength fragility and beauty.
Using shape, form and a symbolic decorative language fused by the alchemy of firing processes, I express many ideas where fragility and strength are negotiated in various types of clay bodies and surface treatments. The horse in its many guises continues to inspire and drive my creative processes


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