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Petite Jade Daisy and Pale Jade Lady

Petite Jade Daisy

Both these girls were sold @craftNSW Sydney in March 2016. Jade Daisy went to Thailand ...

Bold Pink Phoenix

Bold Pink Phoenix

Went to Denmark from Craft NSW Sydney ...

Bold Blue Pheonix

Old news but I am bringing my website up to date, ...Bold Blue Phoenix went to Denmark from Craft NSW Gallery Sydney. ...

Conscripts and Neighsayers

An exhibition at Club Mullum Art Space in Mullumbimby with Paul Smith. Paul put together an album documenting the exhibition which you can see at Conscripts and Neighsayers ...

Carousel to War Horse II

Club Mullum Art Space October 2016

Training horses for close combat.
The Waler was the chosen mount for Australian Light Horsemen. This exhibition, Carousel to Warhorse, presents a small tribute to the Waler and the part it played in Australian war time history. Carosella (little war) or carousel as it has evolved today developed from the ancient art of training horses for combat. Over time it has evolved into the equestrian art of Dressage, one of the three disciplines within Three Day Eventing, first a military competition and now an Olympic discipline ...

Belonging Exhibition Album on Flickr

Check out all the ceramic work from Australian Ceramic Association members at Embodied Commentaries Inspired by Place ...

Belonging Exhibition


27 June - 11 July 2015
Artists from The Australian Ceramics Association
BeLonging: embodied commentaries inspired by place is an exhibition of works by over 150 members of The Australian Ceramics Association. It showcases the creativity and diversity of contemporary Australian ceramic practice. It also aims to harness clay as a repository of personal stories, as a medium to exchange ideas and explore complex interrelationships between the cultures of this country. The size of the works has been limited to no larger than 15cms in any dimension. ...

Carousel to Warhorse Opening Sat 2nd May 2015

The influence of the horse in history and today from Fantasy to Dressage

Carousel to Warhorse

The term carousel is from the 11th century. The equine qualities of poise, balance and strength led Turkish and Arabian horsemen to train them for military use. Initially only used by royalty and hidden behind fortress walls, the combat preparation exercise and game called carousel was developed to train war horses. The term was coined by the Crusaders from the Spanish carosella or ?little war?. We now know it as dressage, the equestrian ballet where natural movement is the foundation of training and tact and empathy are used rather than force?. ...

Dark Night Shining Bright

The Cube display

"Dark Night Shining Bright" by SueFraser
1 December to 30 December 2014 at The Art CUBE, Foyer, Byron Shire Council, Mullumbimby ...

Pieces of Eight

I have made two groups of eight horses in sculptural form. In the past power and wealth was acquired by conquest on horseback by those with the most swift and powerful steads. Today, in China, horses are auspicious symbols of economic prosperity often depicted as eight together in sculptures and painting. My horses bound and gambol on carousels and fly through the air, symbols of currency and good fortune.

Pieces of Eight

some Pieces of Eight

Each Artist explores themes of prestige and wealth symbolised by the Spanish Silver Dollar, formerly a dominant currency in the development of trade worldwide. Ideas of power, wealth and prestige are inspired by its influence on Australian and Chinese cultures. Louise references the Holey Dollar and connections to ancient Jade Bi discs of Central Asia, while Ruth presents exquisite Jade like vessels on pedestals reminiscent of the horse shoe arches of Cordoba, Spain. In China, eight horses is considered economically auspicious. Sue continues an Asian theme with ideas of human horse connections by presenting two series of eight equine ceramic sculptures and low relief wall works. Continued...

Equine Art Exhibition

Haydon Hall in Murrurundi will host an exhibition of my equine sculpture from 1st May-1st June with the
Official Opening Saturday 3rd May at 3 pm

Chinese New Year

SueFraser Craft NSW CNY Poster

Craft NSWhave a wonderful equine themed exhibition of members works alongside my ceramic horses as part of Chinese New Year Celebrations from 28th January - 16th February 2014. ...

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One Artist One Horse

Pure Pale Jade

Exhibition at The Pottery Workshop Jingdezhen China.
Pure Pale Jade goes to China for an exhibition without bullet point
One person One horse cellebrating Chinese Year of the Horse. ...

Art and the Horse

photo by Jacklyn Wagner

At work and play Guest artist with Craft NSW ...


Art of the Horse featuring Heavenly Blue Tribute

Craft NSW Chinese New Year event with City of Sydney ...

Dutch Newspaper article

Clouded Blue Treasure 2013

Retrospect Galleries captured at Amsterdam Art Fair ...

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