Belonging Exhibition


27 June - 11 July 2015
Artists from The Australian Ceramics Association
BeLonging: embodied commentaries inspired by place is an exhibition of works by over 150 members of The Australian Ceramics Association. It showcases the creativity and diversity of contemporary Australian ceramic practice. It also aims to harness clay as a repository of personal stories, as a medium to exchange ideas and explore complex interrelationships between the cultures of this country. The size of the works has been limited to no larger than 15cms in any dimension.
The allegorical power of animals is one of the oldest tools of the storytelling trade. From cave paintings artists have drawn on the animal kingdom to reveal greater truths about the world around them. Horse symbolises power and freedom and like the clay they are made from, they are both fragile and enduring. My entwined horses, one black and white, the other, blue and white, symbolise the meeting of East and West through and exchange of colour, decorative elements and form.


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